Subsea Engineering

HMARINER is an engineering and project management company in Persian Gulf subsea fields. We are pioneer in salvage engineering and management of oceangoing size wreck removal projects.

We offer an integrated approach to provide cost-effective, optimized subsea inspection solutions.

What is subsea engineering?

Subsea is a term to refer to equipment, technology, and methods employed in marine biologyundersea geologyoffshore oil and gas developments.

Oil and gas fields reside beneath many inland waters and offshore areas in Persian Gulf, and in the oil and gas industry the term subsea relates to the exploration, drilling and development of oil and gas fields in underwater locations.

Our Benefits

Our divers are IMCA certified

Our HSE standards have been developed according to IMCA suggested procedures

Ship management department works in parallel to coordinate logistics of the projects

Experience and familiarity with varied regulatory requirements

Our Services in Subsea Engineering

ROV operation

Air/saturation diving

Hydrographic survey

Cable/pipe laying monitoring

Underwater maintenance and light construction

offshore physical asset management

Wreck removal project management

Salvage engineering

Offshore Inspection Supervision

Technical Druggeting, Modelling & Animations

Accurate Underwater Positioning

Underwater meteorology

Under water UXO detection

subsea online monitoring

underwater archaeological sites survey

marine growth underwater survey