We are dynamic, entrepreneurial and leaders in our specialist areas. Many of our partners are recognized experts. Our approach to client relationships is built on a wide-ranging and inclusive perspective of each business, its unique strategies and market risks.On that foundation, we deliver fast, effective and creative solutions. With practicality as a guide, we rapidly provide clear and unequivocal advice, free of jargon-heavy language. Our commitment to our clients, total and determined, shines through.



Commercial focus:

Our services are underpinned by commercial sense. Our primary objective is always to assist our clients to achieve their commercial ambitions.


We commit the job with our certified experts by international institutes and our services will be delivered regarding the international standards.


We are available to assist our clients around the clock.


Protection of our clients’ information and documents is the first priority of the group.

Core activities:

Clients provided by comprehensive and efficient advices related to conventions, insurance contracts, P&I clubs, maritime law & marine environment.


We are able to adapt our advice to best suit our clients technical and commercial requirements. We are not stuck in our ways.


We are relentless when it comes to protecting and enforcing our clients’ interests, but we do not waste their time on needless and expensive matters. If there is another way, we know how to do it.


As our R&D department has close relation with universities, we actively work to develop the technologies in the areas in which we specialize.

Team work:

We work in the industry in parallel to contractors and clients with a comprehensive manner as they feel we are one of them. Innovation: We aim to be the pioneer and innovative company and our track shows our abilities.

Commitment to excellence:

We have a commitment to be the best in every area of our practice and to work with our clients constantly to update and perfect our services.

Commitment to value:

Service from Hmariner means the engagement of a market expert together with the most appropriate team for the circumstances. We work closely with our clients in meeting their expectations and ensuring that the services we provide are exactly what they require.


We aim to be the company of choice for any business engaged in our expertise services.